Thursday, May 7, 2015

Unit 9: the Information Age

I have been back and forth about what my project should be about. My original plan was to create a web module assignment about Jay Z and rocafella records. I decided to expand more on that idea. 

I plan to create an archive full of information from my personal account. It will be a mixture of informative facts and entertainment. I was inspired by the website because of how accessible and knowledgable the moderator was. The rocafella web module assignment will be a branch of the entire website. There will be more web module assignments that will cater to my interest. 

My goal is to stimulate readers and possible students about different topics of interest. One thing I'm concerned about is presenting accurate information. I would hate for someone to suggest that anything I'm presenting is inaccurate and deter my followers away. I would also take time to make the webpage as eye appealing as possible. This would include having an updated website, decorative webpage, and accessible links. 

One thing I have thought about was having the web module assignments 
Incorporated into professor Evans course. This would give more of a variety of topics to choose from when doing a web module assignment. For example, Kendrick Lamars new album, to pimp a butter fly, is filled with knowledgeable information that slips right under our nose. His song entitled complexion sheds lights on how Africans discriminate against each other in terms of skin complexion. This broad and simple example has the potential to become a fun ex resize to students. 

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