Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Unit 2: The Local Digital History Scene

I found the text be very informative. It gave a positive and negative perspective on digital history. On one hand, digital history is great because of how easily accessible it can be. On the other hand, you have to worry about the credibility, any possible biast, and the quality of the work. 

I personally just use common sense when assessing information online. When I see blogs that are bias and opinion written, I always keep in mind that they are trying to defend their ideology at any cost.

With me blogging from my cell phone, digital history has never been more accessible! I am really excited because I can finally rant professionally as a historian. It's pretty cool because I can access digital history from virtually anywhere, thus making history sources endless; credible and uncredible.

I was thinking about creating a content based website dedicated to some part of history using blogger. I feel like this would give me an opportunity to research a topic of interest and elaborate on my theories. 

In general, I feel as if the internet affects how millions of people learn. The purpose of online reading is to make reading more adaptable in the 21st century. Technology such as tablets have made reading a variety of books as easy as ever.