Thursday, May 7, 2015

Unit 8: Digitalizing and sourcing images

I recently had the opportunity to digitalize a 1880 census from warren county Mississippi. I had to transcribe the physical document to a word document more or less. The census was in immaculate condition which made my job very easy. The most imporant tools for me were photoshop and windows media player. These tools allowed me to adjust the picture quality and zoom in as needed. Again I have to reiterate how simple my transcription was compared to the work most historians have to go through.

There are many sources for digitalized for materials. Social media seems to be a great outlet in my opinion because of how the information reaches the masses so quickly. After reading the previous chapter about copyright, we have to wonder if digitalization violates or supersedes copyright infringement. 

None the less, this chapter affects my project for a number of reasons. I want to avoid copyright infringement by all means, so I have to be prepared to cite all of the used images and materials. 

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