Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unit 15: Tools, Tools, and Tools, what exactly are tools?

After viewing the tools listed, I found disqus to be very helpful. This tool adds interaction between viewers of a webpage or blog. This would be great for my web-module assignment because viewers would be able to debate controversial topics in my assignment. For example, I'm creating a web-module assignment dedicated to the dissolution of roc-a-fella records; a controversial topic would be who won the rap beef between Jay Z and Nas. There are so many perspectives of the situation that would cause a great debate among viewers. I think this tool would be useful to college students only because disqus is used on a variety of websites online. One membership would allow users to post anywhere; usually I post comments on, but I sometimes post comments on my local online newspaper. 

As far as timeline applications, I love time toast. It is a simple application that allows the user to create a timeline. One thing that I will try is incorporate the actual timeline into the webpage instead of posting a link.

My project draft is complete, the hardest part is actually creating the webpage.  I have been watching tons of YouTube videos on how to perfect a webpage on weebly. I think it's a lot easier than in making it out to be 😑

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