Thursday, May 7, 2015

Unit 13: Data Visualization

The Internet has changed the world dramatically. In terms of digital history, people have been able to exchange ideas and information like never before. This is particularly special with historians in the eastern world with rare physical documents. 

Digital archives are virtually endless or expandable for many reasons. Someone could digitalize information and add it to the archive as they please; they could also remove the information as they please. The process of adding and removing files from a regular history archive could take forever. 

I believe that historians should take the direction of working together for the greater good while retaining some sort of self-identity. What I mean is that, historians should try to stand out as much as they can. Although, everyone should contribute to the best of their ability to draw the most accurate conclusions as possible. It makes no sense for historians to work against each other despite the ideologies, theories, or beliefs. 

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